My Opinion Of The Virtual Racing from a NASCAR Fan’s View

Hey, look… I know I’m an old guy and not a gamer but, I do have an opinion of the “virtual racing” being used as a replacement for the “real thing” for us NASCAR fans. Well… maybe “replacement” is a little too strong of a word. Perhaps I should say it is a substitute until […]

NASCAR Cup Teams Take It To Phoenix from a NASCAR Fan’s View

The NASCAR Cup Teams take it to Phoenix this weekend in the final race in the West coast swing. If anyone was expecting it to be “business as usual,” well… perhaps they should rethink. There are a lot of things different since the last time the Cup Teams visited Phoenix and it could have a […]

NASCAR Cup Teams Take It To Fontana from a NASCAR Fan’s View

The NASCAR Cup Series teams take on the mile-and-a-half Auto Club Speedway oval at Fontana this weekend. It is the second of three races in the swing out west for them and it is the second real test of the newly designed Chevy Camaros. Oh sure, they were tested last weekend at Las Vegas but […]

Vegas Is Next For NASCAR Cup 2020 from a NASCAR Fan’s View

The NASCAR Cup teams take it to the track at Vegas this weekend. Considering the wreck-fest we saw at Daytona last weekend, the Vegas track may seem a little tame. Oh, I’m not saying there won’t be any action. I’m just saying there won’t be as many wrecked racecars as there were when Speed Weeks […]

The 2020 Daytona 500 from a NASCAR Fan’s View

Let’s see now… There’s a lot of things different for this 2020 NASCAR Cup season opener at Daytona. More horsepower, faster closing rates and a repeat learning curve for blocking. In the course of events at Daytona this last week, some learned that blocking can be a risk not to be taken – at least […]

The Final Four Race For It All At Homestead from a NASCAR Fan’s View

The run for the 2019 MENCS Championship ends at Homestead this Sunday. If you ask the four drivers of the final four, they will tell you it has been a long, hard road but the end is in sight. As a fan, I can’t help but think the pressure is on whether they outwardly show […]

Making It Or Breaking It At Phoenix from a NASCAR Fan’s View

There’s just no two ways about it. Four drivers won’t make it to Homestead in the final four competing for the MENCS Championship for 2019. Two are already qualified for the finale and we already know what their names are. It is the other two names that remain in limbo until this one race at […]

The Pressure Is On At Texas from a NASCAR Fan’s View

A quick look at the round of eight shows there are four above the cut line and four below. One is already in the Championship race at Homestead and seven are trying to make it in. Unfortunately, only three of those seven will be in Homestead with a chance to go for the 2019 MENCS […]

All Out Going For It At Martinsville from a NASCAR Fan’s View

There’s no doubt the emotions will rise to a peak at Martinsville on Sunday afternoon. There’s just no way they can’t. We’re talking about short track racing on a half mile oval with a lot on the line for eight drivers and teams as well as all the rest that want to win the coveted […]