About NFV

Hi, my name is Rusty Norman and I want to welcome you to NASCAR Fan’s View. I know you can go just about anywhere and find out about Nascar from the drivers’ or the crew chiefs’ and commentators’ point of view and I think that is great. What you will find here is a view of Nascar Racing from “just a fan’s view”. I am a Nascar fan and I raced stock cars at our local tracks. That doesn’t make me an expert, but, it does mean I like to talk about Nascar racing and I can relate to it because I have been in the drivers seat. Admittedly, I never went racing in the “big leagues”, but I did build my own cars and I did win more than one championship while racing at our local tracks. I loved racing then and my love for Nascar racing has spanned over many years. I talk about the races before they happen and then I may offer some comments a couple of days after the weekly MENCS races when things need addressing. So‚Ķcome back and visit us often here at NASCAR Fan’s View!!!