Another Saturday Night Short Tracking At Bristol from a NASCAR Fan’s View

There is always something different about racing on a Saturday night under the lights, especially at Bristol. If you’ve been listening to the promos for this Saturday night at Bristol, they’ve been spending most of their time trying to get you to know about the beating and banging that Bristol seems to draw out. Personally, […]

NASCAR Cup Playoffs Continue At Richmond from a NASCAR Fan’s View

This might sound a bit repetitive but the playoffs continue tonight at Richmond. Sure, I know everyone that has any interest at all in how the playoffs will progress knows that as the second race of the Round of Sixteen takes place but there are some that just don’t care anymore. I can’t say that […]

The Playoffs Begin At Darlington from a NASCAR Fan’s View

Remember… this is the year 2020. What begins this weekend at Darlington many thought would never happen this year. After all, everyone had to take a break for the shut down and NASCAR was not exempt from that either. Some will point to the fact that NASCAR was the first to resume their racing schedule […]

Facing Double Monsters At Dover from a NASCAR Fan’s View

Double the Monsters and Double the Fun? Well… there may be some that look at it that way but, there’s several that aren’t thinking it’s going to be double fun. For those on or at the bubble, they aren’t thinking about anything but winning or, at the very minimum, scoring a lot of points to […]

Taking On The Road Course At Daytona from a NASCAR Fan’s View

Well, it’s pretty much another weekend of firsts for the NASCAR Cup teams. A quick look back at history tells us that this is not actually the first time the Cup teams have raced on the road course but for all intents and purposes, it is. One thing that won’t be a first this weekend […]

Cup Teams Take It To Texas from a NASCAR Fan’s View

I’m sure you’ve heard the old quote, “the more things change the more they stay the same” but, things will be different as the Cup Teams take it to the Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. Well, at least for the Cup teams it will be different than it might have been. There WILL be fans […]

Next Up – Kentucky from a NASCAR Fan’s View

Well, there is at least one good thing about NASCAR racing at Kentucky this weekend and that would be Jimmie Johnson’s to return to competition. When it was discovered he had tested positive for the covid virus, many were wondering if he would or when he would be coming back to race and still have […]

A Historic NASCAR Weekend At Pocono from a NASCAR Fan’s View

Hi everyone. I decided to do something a little different this week and talk about Pocono after the fact. After all, with all of the rain delays and lightning delays and no people in the stands, it was a relatively long weekend at Pocono and not just for the Cup teams. It really was a […]

Talladega More Than Just A Challenge For Cup Teams from a NASCAR Fan’s View

Talladega… There’s not much that can be said that hasn’t been said about the Super Speedway at Talladega Alabama. In fact, there’s not a whole lot that can be said that hasn’t been said about anything lately. I think just about everybody’s run out of things to say about the way NASCAR is proceeding through […]