NASCAR at Bristol After Thoughts: Kyle Bush Makes History… Again

Kyle Bush made NASCAR history again last weekend at Bristol and will probably continue to do so throughout his career… but, not everyone is happy with him. Yes, it is true he became the first to win in all three series in one weekend at a track but some question the way he won at least one of the races. I guess the most seen highlight of the week would be where he got a little shove from Brad Keselowski that caused him to brush the wall and then he followed Brad, turned him and took him out of contention. Some call it aggressive driving (referencing Dale Earnhardt Sr) and others just call it dirty driving… and me… well…

It has been an interesting couple of years for Brad Keselowski. He has become one of the  more criticized drivers in the garages of the Nationwide series and the Sprint Cup series. Between his run ins with more known names like Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards and Kyle Bush, he has become known as an over-aggressive driver and has even been put on probation for the rest of the year by NASCAR; (and don’t forget, he isn’t alone on that list.)

Last year, I noticed Brad’s actions and questioned why he thought he should be allowed to be aggressive, but no one should pay him back and I guess I passed it off as his being new in the game and wanting people to take notice. I did think he was a bit over the edge and knew there would be paybacks coming and, when they did happen (and continued to happen), I did think he would learn his lessons. With NASCAR coming out at the beginning of the season this year and basically saying “have at it boys”, I think paybacks have become expected by the drivers and the fans, (but did you notice they never happen the way the media hopes and hypes it?)

From this fans view, I do think some have gone a little overboard on both sides of the discussion and I would much rather Kyle Bush not have taken out his competition in the Nationwide race that allowed him to have the “historic” weekend and actually beat Keselowski the way he was probably going to anyway… by just driving by him. (I don’t know, maybe he wouldn’t have been able to catch him if he hadn’t turned him when he did.)

As it stands, yes, Kyle Bush did make NASCAR history, but his Nationwide win on the weekend is at least slightly questionable. (And just as a side note (from this fan’s view, of course), have you noticed the conversation about Kyle has changed a bit from him being “overly-aggressive” previously to once again him having “the most raw talent” of any driver on the track right now.) Yeah, I know he is talented and I do appreciate his talents both on and off the track, but I do know the door swings both ways and his “aggressive driving” could also yield the dividend of “paybacks”, too.

Did anyone besides me notice who was missing from the top ten finishing order…? That’s right, Hendrick Motor Sports.  Sure, Jeff Gordon finished eleventh, clinched his spot in the Chase, but was hardly in position to make a good showing for Hendrick Motor Sports.

There was the possibility Jimmie Johnson could have given Kyle some competition for the Cup win, but Montoya took care of that with a questionable hook of Johnson’s right rear, turning the #48 into the wall and all but putting them out of the race. I have to agree with Jimmie, “What the h___?!? (Uh, that’s “heck” for those of you that don’t know me). JJ did give Montoya room but Juan didn’t seem to see it that way. He said on the radio Johnson moved over like he wasn’t there.

To tell the truth, it doesn’t surprise me; Montoya does things like this at times and it defies explanation. Of course, he always apologizes afterwards… it’s a question of whether he really means to put somebody out or whether he just meant to let them know he was there. In either event, he was sorry but the damage is usually done and he escaped once again without much damage and continued on, finishing seventh, while Johnson finished thirty-fifth, 85 laps down.

Mark Martin didn’t fair well either. He was passed by Jamie McMurray for the thirteenth spot in the points, making the run for the twelfth spot even more interesting. From this fan’s view, I still don’t think it’s over, but, Clint Bowyer is looking more in control all the time. For me, it just makes the last two races all the more interesting to see who will actually make into that twelfth spot.

All in all, Bristol shook up a lot of things in the top twelve points’ race and there could still be some surprises left in store for the end results. I figure it this way, Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon are in and a few of more will clinch their spots next race in Atlanta. After that, it is the up to the rest to not blow it…

See ya next time… Rusty

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