The MENCS Teams Will Be Flatout At MIS from a NASCAR Fan’s View

Yeah, you can go ahead and say it. I can take it (and I agree with you at least somewhat.) I know the title of this one is a little cliché and probably sounds a little cheesy and awkward. The meaning won’t change though, no matter how it’s worded.

With the reduced 550 hp package the Cup teams will be running this weekend, the racing will be, “Flatout” and the starts and re-starts will be fast and furious as the drivers take things to the limit to gain advantage over as many as they can. At Michigan International Speedway this weekend, I guess you could say it is going to be all about passing before you get passed and gaining as many spots as you can before the aero starts to affect you. In short, pass as many as you can and try to get into clean air.

So, what’s your opinion? Do you think the drivers around the bubble area are feeling the heat? Well, here’s my opinion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much emotion and tempers flaring as I have witnessed this season. Think about it. Don’t you think it has become extremely intense over the last several weeks?

Take Jimmie Johnson, for example. A lot of the talk this week has been about how upset he was with the move by Ryan Blaney at The Glen that cost Jimmie a good finish. We’ve heard it over and over again since the incident, of how many have NEVER seen him as upset as he was. Apparently, it may not be over yet and that could spell trouble for both of them if things carry over onto the track. It may not happen at MIS but, it may happen at a shorter track.

From this fan’s view, it is understandable. Jimmie had put himself in a position to take advantage of Clint Bowyer’s struggles and move into a more solid position in the playoff standings. Ryan’s bump definitely put an end to that possibility. The other part is that the seven time Cup Champ has been struggling over most of the last year and a half and this fan thinks it is definitely beginning to weigh on him. It is good to see some of the fire and intensity show up. It tells me he isn’t done with going for championship number eight. It may not happen this year, but…

The Johnson/Blaney incident wasn’t the only one at The Glen. There was another that brought loud cheers from the stands. Yeah… I know you know which one I’m talking about. That’s right. It was the one between Kyle Bush and Darryl “Bubba” Wallace. I don’t think it’s just this fan’s view but, there is a reason why the response was so great. (Well, this is my opinion anyway.) It’s because, more often than not, Kyle is a pain in the… well… how do I make this G rated? Awww, let’s just say he can be a pain in the backside.

Look, with my saying that, I am not taking anything away from his talent as driver or as a person. He is one of the most talented drivers ever in NASCAR and he will continue to be. It’s just that, from this fan’s view, when something happens, it is either someone else’s fault, (like with William Byron on the second lap at The Glen), or if it turns out in his favor, he thinks it’s just racing and “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.” When it goes against him, well, that’s a completely different thing. He is in a bad mood and doesn’t want to talk about it or be interviewed. Hey, it’s not that I don’t understand the intensity and emotions, I’m just offering my opinion and saying that’s why the crowd in the stands reacted the way they did with the incident between him and Wallace. (I have to be honest here… I reacted the same as the crowd.)

From this fan’s view, one thing the rule packages, making the playoffs and the manufacturer struggles to be more competitive has done is add to the over-all intensity in the Cup Series. I don’t think it is any one thing in particular of the things I just mentioned but making the top sixteen for the playoffs has certainly moved to the top of the list in making things a bit more “interesting” along with all of them trying to earn playoff points.

So even though the drivers involved in the disagreements have had their discussions and, “worked it all out” between them, this fan isn’t so sure everything is over. I think there is too much riding on the bubble group, the playoff points and the regular season battle between Joey Logano and Kyle Bush.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this race will be as exciting and dramatic as the last few have been, but I do think it will be a better race than I thought it might be after the first practice started. This may be a race that is more like the ones at Daytona or Talladega than a normal Michigan race. The Chevys may actually have a chance of winning this one over the Fords and the Toyotas. I’m not really expecting that. I do think they’ll make it interesting though. It’s all going to depend strategy, fuel mileage and clean air…

See ya next time…
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