Looking For Magic To Happen At The Magic Mile from a NASCAR Fan’s View

When the MENCS teams take to the New Hampshire track Sunday afternoon there will be several drivers and teams looking for magic to happen at the Magic Mile. When the race is done, the hope is that one of the non-winners close to the cutoff spot of sixteenth will win and be in the playoffs. From this fan’s view, time is running out for some of them and they need to win, get in and begin to think about how they can advance to the final four.

So, which of the drivers are hoping to win this one so they don’t really have to worry about making the playoffs? Well… the quick answer is, all of them. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Of course they all want to win. That’s what racing is all about, isn’t it?

Well, yes of course it is. Winning is what every driver, in every race wants to do. The problem is not all of them have a car – or even the talent – to do so. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT saying these guys don’t have talent. They wouldn’t be where they are unless they do. Also, I’m NOT saying they aren’t winners or capable of winning. I’m simply saying that, no matter how much NASCAR tries to make the competition closer and closer, some teams find speed and handling faster than others and they take that advantage to the limit over the others. Whether it is because of horsepower, aerodynamics or because the present set of rules better fit a driver’s ability, some will always have an advantage over the others and it only follows that they are more likely to win at any track they compete at.

You and I have seen it week in and week out. Some show a lot of speed in practice, others in qualifying and others for part of a race or in a stage. When it comes down to the final flag, it is often the favorites that are pressing to win and all of the others are just “also rans.” Now that I’ve said all of that, which of the non-winners so far this season and that are still in contention actually needs to win to avoid disaster for this 2019 MENCS season?

Well, there are several and some of them have not had a good summer, while others have just managed to stay in the hunt although staying near the cut line for many weeks. Although there is a big battle going on for staying in the top sixteen, (or at least close to it), there are a few that just cannot afford to have another bad race and winning at the Magic Mile this weekend could at least clinch their place in the first part of the playoffs. Two that quickly come to this fan’s mind would be Jimmie Johnson and Clint Bowyer. They are tied in points for the present. Of the two, Bowyer has had the worst performance over the summer months so far, and Johnson has had good finishes and bad finishes which has kept him just in or just out of the top sixteen. Either one of them could win on Sunday and either one of them would welcome the lack of stress over the next several weeks.

Eric Jones of JGR is another that could really benefit from a win along with Daniel Suarez of SHR. Both of them have shown speed but have not been able to take it all the way and end up in Victory Lane. Along with these two would be Ryan Newman and Kyle Larson. Newman is just outside of the cut line and can’t really afford to have any bad finishes while Larson is in thirteenth and needs to have some consistent finishes at or near the front to stay in the top sixteen. A win would be “Magical” for any one of these.

The question I’ve heard asked most often this week has been whether or not the Chevys can make it four wins in a row. In this fan’s opinion, I’m just not sure. Yes, they have shown speed and Chase Elliott was even on top of the speed charts for the first practice. Other than that, the Chevys didn’t really look all that impressive but, I have to admit, they have fooled me with their race performances over their practice and qualifying performance recently and that could mean a trip to Victory Lane again this weekend.

The Magic Mile is as very challenging track and, I have to admit, I do not fully understand the application of the “sticky stuff” in the turns all that much. I mean, if you’re going to apply it, apply it in a way that doesn’t handicap the drivers on entrance and exit of the turns. We only have to look at the number of backup cars that have been brought out so far. When the racing actually begins Sunday afternoon, there could be a lot more carnage than we’ve seen so far.

So… can we hope for another finish like we witnessed last weekend between the Bush brothers? Well… maybe but, this could be another race that someone wins because of the possible carnage or other reasons that makes absolutely no difference in the top sixteen standings and makes every remaining race even more important, dramatic and intense for those on or near the bubble…

See ya next time…
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