Homestead Is Next from a NASCAR Fan’s View

It’s a busy weekend at Homestead, FL and all of the NASCAR series are showing up to do a little racing. The Cup teams take on Homestead Sunday afternoon and we can only hope that the racing will be good. Unless you’ve been totally disconnected recently, you already know that there is a lot going on in NASCAR and not all of it is without controversy. I wish I could say that everyone agrees with NASCAR’s decisions and thinks that they do what they do for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, I really don’t think that’s the case. Without going into these matters at hand and getting involved in controversy after controversy or disagreement after disagreement, I’ll just try to talk about the Sunday afternoon race that’s coming up.

I will say this though. I’ve been a NASCAR fan for a long, long time. I’ve seen a lot of changes and a lot of fans and drivers come and go. There have been disagreements and controversies that have come along and there have been people that have joined NASCAR and left NASCAR over the years. No matter how you view it, these times are different times. Without being completely specific, I have to say that these are very trying times for all of us and for our country. Personally, I do hope cooler heads will prevail and we stop with all the knee-jerk reactions that often bring regrets later.

Now that I’ve said all that, what I have to say about the race will probably not be as long as most of my articles are. This one will be relatively short for several reasons. For one, I have limited time this weekend for personal reasons and I don’t have a whole lot to say about the Homestead race. I will say that the racing at Martinsville was both exciting and boring to me. It seems that every time I think that the Chevys are making headway, the Fords and the Toyotas make a strong showing.

Now, since I know you’re very familiar with my thinking on makes since I’ve made no attempt to hide my loyalty to Chevrolet, I have to admit that I still want to see the Chevys win more than they do. Maybe that’s not fair to Toyota fans or Ford fans but, it is fair for me since I’m a Chevy fan. So, Martin Truex Jr. winning at Martinsville is good for him, his team and Toyota but not so good for those of us Chevy fans. It’s OK though, we don’t hold it against you Ford and Toyota fans and there’s a good chance the Chevys could make a good, strong showing at Homestead, maybe even end up in Victory Lane. I also don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to think that a Hendrick driver might be the one in Victory Lane and it could be Jimmie Johnson.

It’s not really much of a surprise to this fan that the Fords or starting on the front row nor a surprise me if the Toyotas don’t make a strong showing at this track since they usually do. What I am wondering is whether or not they will get to race at the usual time or if it will be delayed because of rain. We have been having quite a bit of afternoon rain over the last several days down here in Florida. How ever it goes, one thing is sure. Someone will win and they will either be driving a Toyota, a Ford or a Chevy. Nobody will know until the checkered flag drops. After all, this is just my opinion and, with all that’s going on, there probably ain’t nobody listening anyway…

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