Cup Teams Taking It To The Streets Of Chicago        

From a NASCAR Fan’s View

The Cup teams are taking it to the streets of Chicago this afternoon and it looks like it could be a real barn burner of a race. If yesterday’s Xfinity race gives any insight into what today’s race might be like, it could be one of the most exciting races of the season. As a rule, at least from this fan’s view, the two races don’t really compare all that much but this one could be even more intense than yesterday’s Xfinity race. And it was just that, intense right down to the final checkered flag.

So, why do I think today’s race is going to be the “barn burner” I mentioned earlier?

Well, that is for several reasons, at least from my view. First, there’s nothing like stating the obvious but the season is quickly winding down to its conclusion and there are several drivers and teams trying to qualify for the playoffs.

Sure, I know there are eleven drivers qualified for the playoffs by wins and there are only five places left to make the playoffs either by points or wins. That doesn’t change the fact there is still seven races left in the regular season or that the opportunities for someone to point their way in are dwindling. It also doesn’t change the fact here is still a pretty tight battle going on for the regular season championship.

There are four drivers with three wins on the season and two of them are often bouncing off each other just about every week. Of course you know I’m talking about Kyle Larson and Denny Hamlin. Somehow they always manage to be running for position and one or the other playing bumper tag or crowding or door slamming the other, usually one doing it more often than the other. I won’t mention any names but his initials are DH. Both of them are aggressive and both of them want to win the regular season championship as well as the championship for the year. If things continue as they are, it is possible either one of them could be running for the 2024 playoff Championship. But there are still a lot of races left before that happens.

Getting back to the five spots open to qualify for the playoffs, there are those that can only make the playoffs by taking a win. Yeah, I know that includes a bunch of drivers but there are those who have a better chance than many of the others. They may not have the points but they do often have the speed to make it happen. Several of them could be in a position to change their future in the playoffs by taking a win today.

Even though there are other things to talk about when it comes to today’s race, I don’t want to go there just yet. That’s because the pressure on those not qualified for the playoffs yet, but have been performing well, only to have something happen to either cause them to fall way back in the finishing order or not finish at all.

Kyle Bush quickly comes to mind with all the bad luck he has been having just about every week. I mean, it’s been like he could be leading coming to the final laps and someone or something totally happens to his car or a lap car crashes in front of him for some unexpected reason causing him to either not finish or have spend extended time in the pits. It’s just not like him to not be able to pull off a win but recently he just hasn’t had the type racing luck that ends up with him in Victory Lane. If his luck continues as it has, this could be the first time in nineteen years he hasn’t had a win in a season.

Okay, before I run out of time and space to mention what could make this a race to remember for a long time, I want to talk about the two drivers most talked about this weekend. Of course, that would be pole sitter, Kyle Larson and the driver so many expect to win today at Chicago, Shane Van Gisbergen. In yesterday’s Xfinity race, the two of them put on a real show as they raced at the front for the first stage and part of the second stage. It was special to watch.

Although that was a great bit of racing, today’s race has even more drivers that are very good at this type of racing and, even if Larson and SVG are battling it out for the lead, there are going to be a bunch of drivers pressing them to make mistakes, take the lead from them and drive away. Still, this fan expects both Larson and SVG to be battling it out for the win at the end of this one and there are a lot of things that could completely change the outcome.

If Larson and SVG were the only ones on the track and racing each other for the win, it would be something to watch. The problem with that is the lap times are just too close together for a prediction to be made with all the other possible drivers that could win. At this point, as a fan, I’m not ruling out anyone in the top fifteen from winning. It only takes one mistake at an inopportune time and someone to take advantage of that mistake to take the victory…

Hey, this is Russ and that’s my view… See ya next time…
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