Cup Teams Take On Iowa Speedway      

From a NASCAR Fan’s View

The NASCAR Cup Teams take on the Iowa Speedway tonight for the first time. It is a little less than a one mile oval and should be a very interesting 350 laps. One thing that should make it a little more interesting is that there have been tire issues and, well, at least from this fan’s view, no one knows for sure how these issues might affect the outcome of the race. During the practice on Friday, the problem showed its ugly head around laps 19 to 25. Now I’m not saying the teams haven’t had a chance to correct the problem but I am saying we may not know until a lot more laps have been run.

Personally, I haven’t heard at the time of this writing the real reason why the tires were having problems. I don’t think it makes much difference, why. I think it’s more about the uncertainty that may face the drivers as they click off the laps in this Iowa Corn 350. I mean, Tyler Reddick could be running away from the field in clean air and, all of the sudden, one of his tires could let go and he end up in the wall and end the race in the garage. Of course I just picked Reddick out of the blue as my example but it is possible it could happen to anyone at any time during the race. We can only hope the problem won’t show up again but, when it comes to racing, anything is possible.

A quick look at the lineup shows a mixture of manufacturers starting in the top ten. For starters, the Chevys and Fords seem to have the upper hand but, judging from the way things have been going in recent races, it could still be anybody’s race to win. The qualifying speeds were relatively close unless you consider some of the ones that struggled with loose cars through the turns. Even at that, many in the top twenty showed good speed and, barring tire problems surfacing, this fan thinks it will be later in the race when the strength of one over the other will show up.

From my view, it looks like the Toyotas are struggling a bit at the Iowa speedway. I’m not sure but looks can be deceiving or at least they have been lately. Last week Joey Logano qualified on the pole and yet had a terrible day when it came down to it. Denny Hamlin had the engine problem and a totally unexpected finish of last place. I can’t say I expected that considering how he has been running and how he usually shows up at the end of a race near the front.

The Fords of Ryan Blaney and Josh Berry looked to have good speed and could have extremely good days, maybe even a win for either one. Then there are the Fords of Brad Keselowski and Chris Beuscher of RFK racing qualified fifth and fifteenth. Both have been showing some good finishes and speed in the last several weeks. Either of them could be leading the pack as the laps wind down to the finish. Chris Beuscher is particularly hungry for a win since he has had some very good finishes and some say he is due. I can’t say I disagree with that. He has been on the verge of victory only to have some circumstances keep him from sitting in Victory Lane lately.

Chase Briscoe in a SHR Ford starts sixth and is mentioned as a possible winner of this one. He has some history of a good performance at Iowa and some expect he could walk away with the win. I’m not sure I expect that but then again it is a possibility that can’t be ignored. He is followed by Kyle Bush and he has been showing good things lately but with nothing to show for improved performance at the end of the race. I’m thinking it is possible, although not definite this could be his weekend to end the day in Victory Lane.

Okay, enough of avoiding the obvious. Kyle Larson won the pole and his teammate, William Byron, qualified fourth. Chase Elliott starts ninth and has been very consistent most every week when it comes to the end of a race. As proof of that I mention him sitting in second spot in the points right now. If there is anyone that can keep up with or pass Kyle Larson the way he has been running, I would say either Chase Elliott or Willaim Byron could do it.

By the way, I mentioned Ryan Blaney earlier and he lost the pole position to Larson by a very small margin. From this fan’s view, if someone other than a Hendrick Chevy wins this one it could be him…

Hey, this is Russ and that’s my view… See ya next time…
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