Cup Teams And The Next Gen Take On Sonoma

From a NASCAR Fan’s View

Once again it is Road Racing time for the Cup cars and this weekend, it is at the challenging Sonoma track in California. Judging from the practice and qualifying sessions, it looks like there could be a remote possibility of the Hendrick Chevys having a better day racing than they’ve had in a few weeks. In fact, it looks like most of the Chevys have shown up with good speed off the trucks.

There is one thing about this season has been fairly consistent. Unfortunately, that one thing hasn’t always been a good thing for those that looked or were fast in qualifying. Sometimes those that qualified at or close to the front have fallen like rocks after only a few laps. Other times, they have had problems that have either put them way behind or out for the day. I’m not thinking that WILL be the case Sunday afternoon at Sonoma but I am saying there is reason to be concerned until a number of laps are in the book.

Now why, after saying something positive about the possibilities for the Chevys, do I think there could really be cause for concern? Well… I’ll give you one little hint that is probably more obvious than you may think. I am concerned about the continuing saga of the tire problems. In particular, the left rear.

Admittedly, there is nothing I would like to see more this weekend than to see the Chevys dominate the whole field. Of course, I know that might be asking for too much at this point of the season and I really don’t expect it but, I would like to see it. Why? you may ask. Well, in all honesty, it’s because I am a Chevy fan as well as a Hendrick Motor Sports fan. Hey, I used to race and I was particularly fond of my Chevys. I built three of them and they were all very competitive. They were even high points cars and season Champs a couple of times. Still, that’s not the only reason I want to see the Chevys do well this weekend.

You see, lately I have seen the Chevys be the best cars on the track and be just about ready to win and something goes wrong and either a Ford or Toyota end up with the trophy. It hasn’t been the best car or driver that has won, just the one at the right place at the right time. Look, I understand racing luck and being prepared for the unexpected and even the fact that it “ain’t over until it’s over.” But it appears it has been more about the tires or should I say, “where the rubber meets the road.”

So, actually… it appears, at least for the moment, we are picking up where we left off at the end of the race last year. That would be Kyle Larson leading and Chase Elliott following close behind. Could it be that it could be just a continuation of the race from last season. I don’t know, maybe but, will the result be the same?

I know this is taking a strange direction but, I have to admit, it is intriguing, at least to this fan. Could it be that the Toyotas pull off another come from behind victory? Could it be that one of the Fords ends up taking the black and white checkered flag at the end of the day in Wine Country?

You see, I don’t expect any of the three manufacturers to just lay down and let one of the others win. I expect this to be a hard-fought battle and one can only hope that it won’t be decided by that ominous villain called “tire failure.” I know I shouldn’t pick sides but, there are still those I would rather see win and those I would rather not.

Personally, I do hope it is a continuation of last season’s finish and maybe for once, at least recently, the fastest car wins and we aren’t bothered by tire failures at all…

Hey, this is Russ and that’s my view… See ya next time…
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