Talladega Ending Was Worth The Wait


Well… it took almost all day and even with the 3 hour 45 plus minute rain delay, the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega was well worth the wait. As a fan, I am glad NASCAR stuck it out and let the race finish under green. Because they did, those of us that also stuck it out to the end were treated to another fantastic ending to a restrictor plate race.


It was good to see the unexpected winner David Ragan make all the right moves to win in seeming overwhelming odds. From this fan’s view, NASCAR made all the right moves all day long and even though some drivers did think it was too dark to be racing, this was as good as it gets when it comes to watching a race all the way to the end. It was also exactly what NASCAR needed and deserved for sticking with it.


As a fan, it is good to see the teams are getting a handle on the Gen 6 even on the Super Speedways. As it stands right now, this fan can’t wait until the Cup teams return to Daytona in July!


But wait a minute, I’m getting a little bit ahead of things. I can’t wait till Darlington this coming Saturday night!!!


See ya next time…

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