NASCAR from A NASCAR Fan’s View for 2013 Coming SOON!!

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Hello everyone… Yes, it’s true… I took some time off after the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship in Homestead, FL for some R&R and thoroughly enjoyed myself… (even welcomed a new grand baby girl into the world in January)


NASCAR for 2013 starts up in about a week and I can’t wait for it to start!! Of course we hope to have a few changes for the blogcasts and articles ready for Daytona and Speed Weeks. (Yeah, we still won’t be doing any driver or crew chief interviews because you can get those just about anywhere, but we will give our opinion of the coming season’s Sprint Cup races every week from our view — and, of course, that would be from Just A Nascar Fan’s point of view.)

A lot has changed since the Cup Cars last took to the track in the regular season and it has been well documented so far. (I’ll have to add my two cents just because some people say I’m opinionated and I wouldn’t want to let them down…)

So come on back next week and we’ll start the journey into the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season together!!!

See ya next time…
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