MENCS Takes On Texas from a NASCAR Fan’s View

You’ve heard it said many times I’m sure. Texas Motor Speedway is just another one of those cookie cutter mile-and-a-half tracks and they’re all pretty much the same. I mean, we have so many of them in an MENCS season, the results will probably be pretty much the same as they’ve been and it will probably be another weekend that the Fords and Toyotas sweep the top spots.

Well… that may have been the case before the MENCS teams arrived at Texas for this weekend but there does seem to be a little bit of hope for the Chevys making a run for the checkers on Sunday. Even though there are still 2 practices left (at the time of this writing), the Chevys have occupied more of the top spots as far as lap times go and, from this fan’s view, that is a good thing and I am sure it is encouraging for all Chevy fans. We haven’t had a lot to get excited about so far this season, but, that doesn’t mean we don’t expect them to keep on getting better.

Last week at Martinsville, Chase Elliott finished second and that was somewhat encouraging, at least for the Hendrick teams, even though he was the only one of them that could give Brad Keselowski a run for the money for most of the day. I mean, seven-time champ, Jimmie Johnson finished three laps down. Say what you will but that could not have (and probably did not) set well with him, his team or his boss, Rick Hendrick. In fact, the way the Hendrick teams have struggled so far this season, I don’t think it is setting well with any of the teams – it’s just not like them to be this far behind two years in a row. True, they were making headway near the middle and end of last season but fell back behind again with the new season and its rule changes.

All of that aside, Martinsville was a typical short track race and had the usual and expected short track emotions and action. It was a pleasant change from the humdrum racing so far this season – (well, at least from this fan’s view.)

Okay, let me get back to Texas…

Earlier I was saying what many say about the mile-and-a half tracks frequented by the NASCAR teams and how they are so similar – you know, cookie cutter. Well, Texas is different and it has a character and feel all its own. Most, if not all, of the drivers look at it that way. It is challenging in its own ways and more than just in the way it is designed. Different banking in turns 3 and 4 than in 1 and 2. The exits from the turns are different and require the drivers to “remember” which one they are in. That may sound funny but, after a few hundred of the five hundred miles, fatigue can set in and cause lapses in their rhythm and judgement. Many have tested the wall over time at the Texas Motor Speedway and the cost is usually either finishing poorly or not at all.

With the performance of the Chevys in the early practice and qualifying, things could look different at the end of the day Sunday afternoon. Seven-time Champ, Jimmie Johnson taking the pole position for the first time in a long time and William Byron taking the outside pole position is a real attention getter for the start of the O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 for Sunday. Admittedly, I am writing this before the Saturday practices and things could change but, the Hendrick Chevys do look good so far this weekend. Jimmie Johnson sitting on the pole is a major jump and encouragement after last weekend’s disappointing (and from my view, embarrassing) three lap down finish. In fact, this is the first time all of the Chevys have shown this much speed compared to the other makes in a while – quite a while.

From this fan’s view, it would be really nice to see someone other than Kyle Bush end up in Victory Lane this weekend. I know there is already talk of him making a sweep of the three series again this weekend but I hope that isn’t the case. I have nothing against Kyle and all of the wins he is racking up, but there are others I would like to see win in all three of the series. We all know he is talented and definitely on a roll but I do have to admit, I would really like to see someone else win. I know that isn’t what you Kyle Bush fans want to hear but it is my opinion and hope for this weekend.

I really want to see a Chevy win and, although I am somewhat partial to the Hendrick Chevys, I don’t care all that much which one wins as long as it is a Chevy and the end of the day.

Who knows. This just may be their weekend to shine brightly under the Texas skies…

See ya next time…
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