NASCAR at Pocono from A Fans View



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Rusty NormanPocono is not an oval, does not have four turns and it is a cross between a road course and an oval. They call it a triangle (and it actually looks like one), but one thing is slightly confusing to me. If NASCAR races at a race track called an oval they have four turns but this track, being a triangle, should have six in my book. When they talk about this track, they talk about as if it is a road course and it only has three turns. Of course, they name some of the turns and straightaways and that is supposed to make it easier for us to understand where they are on the course, (and notice I purposely used course instead of track in this instance just to show there is an assumed difference.)

Okay, okay… enough with the trivial stuff already…

Pocono is a unique track and it is always interesting to see how the different drivers handle the challenges it presents. Some just love it while others just suffer through it. It is a place you have to sacrifice something in at least one spot to make gains in others and it really does have three distinct turns, each one having its own characteristics. On top of that, the track has three distinct straights and one of them is wide and long and can handle six wide racing to the turn at he end of it. Hopefully, the drivers sort themselves out before they get to that turn or some of them aren’t going to make it through.

NASCAR has made some interesting changes for the teams to deal with this weekend and one of them is loosening the gear ratio rules so it is advantageous to shift into what many call a passing gear to better accelerate off the turns again. That may or may not be good for all of the drivers, but it will make the race all the more interesting.

If they do shift there is the possibility they can miss a shift and that can cause them problems. The expectation, is they will shift to try and pass coming out of the turns by throwing it down into third gear to get a jump off the turn and then back into high gear. Speed is going to be the determining factor on shifting and then there is the concern of how much more fuel they might burn by shifting. Personally, I think shifting is the biggest unknown going into the race tomorrow. I think it will be something the driver will decide on the fly. If it works for them and moves them toward the front, you can bet they’ll use it to the fullest advantage.

So what is the expectation of how things will go on Sunday afternoon for the 5 hour Energy 500 at Pocono from this fan’s view? Well, since you asked, I tell you what I think…

First of all, (and judging from the practice and qualifying sessions), I think the bumps in turn one are going to throw more than one car out of balance and possibly out of control. (Mike Skinner’s qualifying try was the most obvious example of what I am talking about.) One miscalculation and it can mean losing a lot of ground on a race track that is already hard enough to pass on anyway. If they lose it coming out of turn one, it puts them out of position going into the next turn which can lose them positions and possibly a car as they use one of the walls as a brake. I think the problems will only be more obvious under racing conditions and being able to be in the best groove may be a thing much harder to do when you blow the turn and have to move up the track in that area.

Two drivers looking very confident after the qualifying session were Kurt Bush and Denny Hamlin. Bush said he was very pleased with the way he and his team performed to take the pole even in a backup car. I don’t think that it necessarily follows that he will win, but I do have to admit the Penske Dodges are looking much stronger than they did just a short time ago in the season. Once again, from this fan’s view, Kurt Bush could take the win but Pocono is a tough place to win at and we’ll just have to wait and see.

As for Denny Hamlin, well, I just have to say he looks strong and that could spell trouble for the rest of the field, considering how well he usually does at this track. He is definitely not a shew in to win, but he is a definite strong possible to take the trip to Victory Lane once again.

The one that looked happy but surprised at his qualifying lap was Jeff Gordon. He felt his car handled way to good and was still fast. Could it be he will take his second victory this weekend? Possibly, but 500 miles at Pocono is full of surprises and possibilities.

I’m not fully convinced this won’t be a race where someone totally unexpected wins even though it will be a challenge. Paul Menard, Marcos Ambrose and several others have great opportunities to be first past the checkers this weekend and look, I haven’t even mentioned the Richard Childress team of Clint Boyer, or the Carl Edwards Roush Ford.

Does anyone think Dale Jr has a chance this weekend? How about 5 time Jimmie Johnson or long time veteran Mark Martin? Hm-m-m… Now that I think about it, this could be another race that won’t show us the winner until they pass under checkered flag first and call out as the winners the last two weeks have, “I can’t believe we won!!”

See ya next time…
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