Could Be More Of The Same At Kansas from a NASCAR Fan’s View

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Rusty Norman

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series takes on the Kansas Speedway tonight and it looks like it could be more of the same – well, at least to this fan it looks that way. Yeah, Kevin Harvick is sitting on the pole and yes, he did win his fourth race for the 2018 season last weekend at Dover. From my observations so far, it looks like it could be another Ford weekend (especially those Stewart/Haas Fords.)

There’s just something good going on at Stewart/Haas and I think you’ll be hard pressed to find someone to disagree with that statement. Just look at what they accomplished last weekend. All four of the SHR teams finished in the top fifteen and that is very good considering three of them were in the top five. Say what you will, but as a team, they are looking very tough and Kevin Harvick is looking a lot like the top Championship contender for this 2018 season. (Well sure, I know the season isn’t even half over yet but he already has four wins on the year.) If nothing else, I would say he is making a statement.

Although the Toyotas are running a close second to the Fords, they just haven’t been as impressive as the Fords, and I emphasize the Stewart/Haas Fords in particular. Kyle Bush does show a lot of speed most every week and did win three races so far this season. He has also been very near the front almost every week also. Even though the Toyotas have four wins this season, they still don’t look as strong as the Fords. I’m not saying they won’t make a stronger showing. I’m just saying they haven’t shown themselves as strong as the Fords.

Once again, I have to mention the lack-luster performance of the new Chevy Camaros. So far this season they have shown improvement but they just haven’t shown the same speed or consistency as the other two makes. It certainly makes for a long day for Chevy fans on race day. You might be asking, “how do you know that?” Honestly it’s easy… Because I am one (or as some may say, “I ‘R’ one.

Oh sure, I know things will likely get better down the road but it has been hard to watch. I mean, I enjoy watching the MENCS races and I have been a loyal fan of NASCAR for many years. In fact, I’m not just a Chevy fan and some of my favorite drivers drive those other brands. The problem is, since I used to race Chevys (Chevelles and Camaros) at our local tracks, it is hard to watch them have moments of greatness and then fall by the wayside as the laps wind down. I guess this year I am beginning to understand what the Ford and Toyota fans felt when the Chevys were pretty much dominating over several years.

Speaking of dominating… Kevin Harvick is having a great year so far. (Hmmmm, it seems like I’ve already said that here.) If he, and the rest of Stewart/Haas Racing continue on as they have recently, it could make for a very long season for the rest of the teams. Yes, they have been that good and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be letting up in the rest of the MENCS teams at all. It makes me wonder if SHR is going to dominate for a while even as Hendrick did not all that long ago. (Yeah, I admit it… I’m a Hendrick fan, too. I’m not just a fair-weather fan either. I watch every week, hoping they will begin to pull out of this slump they’re in.

Actually, it’s at times like these that I as a fan pay more and closer attention to all of the others drivers and teams. You see, there are a lot of drivers I like and some of them drive for Ford teams and others drive for Toyota teams. I’m not as obsessed with the Chevy brand as I may make it sound at times but I do admit to being partial to them – and Hendrick Racing for that matter.

Anyway, getting back to Kevin Harvick… I do firmly believe he could take his fifth win tonight at Kansas. I’ll be watching to see if that happens but I will also be watching to see if a Chevy, perhaps even a Hendrick Chevy, can take it to the Fords and Toyotas and end up in Victory Lane when the race is done and in the books. Unfortunately, I have this nagging feeling that probably won’t happen. It won’t keep me from watching the way, I think we’ll probably see Kevin Harvick win his fifth race in this still young 2018 Season… And as I said at the beginning of this, it just “could be more of the same at Kansas… but what do I know?

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