Chasing Talladega After-thoughts


Just a quick note about Talledega. Although it didn’t go as I thought it might still the points for the top five were shaken up a little bit and it’s going to be close at least up to the next race. No matter what some may say, it’s still a five-man race even though the top two are looking awfully strong. Even Dale Junior is moving into a position to possibly do something should something happen to the top runners in the next couple of races.


All in all, it was a pretty intense race at Talledega today. Although the end of the race was a little bit anti-climactic, overall it was still a good day of racing. Can’t wait to see what happens on the short track at Martinsville next weekend. Should prove to be very interesting and could be a major shake up in the points even though it is a short track. (May be some short tempers, too.)


Congratulations to Jamie McMurray and his car owner Chip Ganassi…


See ya next time…
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