Counting Down to Daytona 2010


Hello everybody and welcome to NASCAR Fan’s View, the new home of what you previously knew as, “Just A Fan’s View”. We are excited to be here and are looking forward to the 2010 NASCAR racing season. If you are new to us, you can check out our old address at:

> Just A Fan’s View <

Yeah, I know I’m jumping the gun a little bit and everything isn’t quite ready for “prime-time”, but, I just couldn’t wait to get settled into our new site and get ready for the new NASCAR season. I am excited about some of the new things we are going to be doing over the coming weeks and I hope you will be too. We are going to expand our talking points to include the Trucks and Nationwide series as well as the Cup. We also want you to be more involved and hope you will at least leave us your comments in the box below every post. Not only that but we intend to have a call-in number so you can leave us your verbal comments about whatever trips your trigger every week and some will be worked into the weekly blogcast. (Now, don’t get to bent out of shape; we won’t air vulgar, obscene or outrageous critical comments. I believe in self control and if you can’t say it without all the bad language, you might as well keep it to yourself ’cause no one else is going to hear it, at least not through us.) Anyway, we hope you will like the plans we have for this year and that you will be involved along with us with your opinions and comments.