2014 NASCAR Begins With The Sprint Unlimited


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There’s no denying it, there is excitement in the air at Daytona! Yes, the 2014 NASCAR excitement begins tonight with the Sprint Unlimited race at Daytona. Exactly how it’s all going to pan out won’t be known until a couple of hours before the race actually begins. That’s because NASCAR wanted to give the fans the greatest opportunity to say how this race should progress.


No matter what, this fan is expecting a great race tonight and probably some unexpected things are going to happen. I mean after all, there are new rules for this year and NASCAR has made changes to the aerodynamics of the car and, honestly, from this fan’s view it looks like the cars are much more stable than they were last year on the Super Speedways.


There’s no reason to go in to all the stuff, big or small, they’ve changed in the rules for the cars because that’s all we’ve been hearing about for the last several weeks. The true tale will be told when the cars hit the track tonight and go at it door handle to door handle and bumper-to-bumper at around 200 mph.


By this fan’s count, they’re 18 cars in the race tonight and hopefully all of them will finish. Personally I would rather see a larger field of cars but that would mean a change in how they qualify teams for the Unlimited race. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be a limited race and by certain accomplishments teams and drivers had during the year before but I would rather see more cars on the track since it is a Super Speedway. It may be just me but, more cars means more excitement especially on the larger Super Speedways.


I’m sure as a fan, I could go on and on about the things that will be different tonight and in the coming weeks ahead but I don’t really see a reason to talk about it here. There’s going to be plenty of time to see how the new rule changes and the new Chase changes will affect the competition in the days weeks and months ahead. I would like to make one statement though from this fan’s view. I don’t know why they’re waiting to change to the new way of qualifying until a later date. In my opinion, let’s just start the new year with the new rules. I mean, this is not a points race and not really counted as anything of importance in the 2014 season so I guess it is okay that things continue as they have.


But I still say, since it’s not a points race, and it is a special race, why not just start out the 2014 season this coming week with all the new rules in force? Well… That’s it from this fan’s view for today, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say next week as we really get into the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup season…


See ya next time…

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